Also in the UK There is Nothing New Under the Sun

David Cameron: The heir of Margaret Thatcher

Labour launches poster on David Cameron’s tax cut for millionaires (Website of the Labour Party, 6/4/2013)

Labour Poster: Who Wants to Bung a Millionaire? Dave Does

David Cameron Refuses To Rule Out Cutting Tax For The Rich (The Huffington Post, 1/29/2014)

David Cameron refuses to rule out another cut in top rate of income tax (The Guardian, 1/29/2014)

The Tories cut funding for the poor – and won’t rule out tax cuts for the rich (The Guardian, 1/30/2014)

David Cameron is hoaxing ordinary working class and middle class people like all those neoliberal politicians, making them believe that he is “one of them and that his economic policies are “good for the whole country“.

Yo, plebs, we is all in dis ting together, yeah?

I´m just like you. I grew up on an estate as well.

Warren Buffett: “It’s class warfare, my class is winning, but they shouldn’t be” (CNN  – 19/6/2005: Buffett: ‘There are lots of loose nukes around the world’)

See also my blog article: Warren Buffett about Higher Taxes on the Wealthy

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