Some other Documentaries and Television Reports about the Cynical Marketing Tactics of “Big Pharma”

Another interesting and rewarding documentary on the cynical marketing tactics of drug companies is “Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety” directed by John Ennis and Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau. This documentary was released in 2006.

Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety” explores the ethical and societal implications of the fraudulent schemes and practices of the pharmaceutical industry.

This documentary features interviews with investigative journalists, medical professionals, former pharmaceutical sales representatives, and others. These experts talk frankly about the pharmaceutical influence as it relates to consumers, physicians, research, the FDA and Capitol Hill.

There is a website in the WWW that includes a lot additional information about this documentary “Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety“.

A really good and straight television report on the fraudulent schemes and practises of the pharmaceutical companies titled “Drug Money” was presented in August 2010 in the current affairs programme “People & Power” of Al Jazeera English.

I saw another documentary about the same subject (the pharmaceutical companies and their cynical marketing tactics) released by Gary Null in 2006 titled “Prescription for Disaster“.

But I didn´t really like this documentary, because it was not only criticizing the pharmaceutical companies for their ruthless marketing tactics, but is was also advocating so called alternative medicine and nutritional additives (dietary supplements like vitamins) as a therapy for dangerous illnesses like cancer.

I don´t really believe in this all this alternative medicine stuff, though some of those alternative medical techniques like for example chiropractic can sometimes be useful as an additional therapeutical method to standard academic medicine.

I believe in evidence based academic and scientific medicine. And a healthy life style sure is very important preserving one´s health (healthy food, sports, no or little alcohol, no smoking, of course no drugs too, etc.) but I don´t believe that dietary supplements are necessary if you are eating enough healthy food on a daily and regular basis.

Gary Null (born 1945) has made a lot of movies about health and health care related subjects (see the list with his movies in the Internet Movie Database) but this guy might be a quack.

Stephen Barrett´s Quackwatch includes 13 files about or mentioning Gary Null.

So I don´t recommend this documentary, though some of the facts that are presented here are in accordance with the facts serious critics of the pharmaceutical companies are presenting too.

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