Klaus Party 4

I’m a freelance journalist, university lecturer and highschool teacher from Freiburg (South Germany, Black Forest).

I have 25 years of experience as a contributor for regional and nationwide media (newspapers and radio stations) in Germany.

I have been also a contributor for newspapers in the USA (The Massachusetts Daily Collegian) and in Spain (Diario Expansión).

For further details see my blog post “Who I am: My CV”.

My blog is centered on subjects of general interest: culture topics (literature, cinema, philosophy, etc.) politics, economy, ecology and modern society in general.

I try to stay informed about what´s happening in our world and by writing this blog I want to share this information with you.

My contact details:

Dr. phil. Klaus Gauger

Wildtalstr. 61

79108 Freiburg

Email: klaus.gauger@gmail.com

Phone: 0761-5561891

Mobile: 015753933100

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