About Barack Obama´s Plan to Raise the Minimum Wage in the USA – 4

Let´s take again a look at the chart titled “Gesetzliche Mindestlöhne pro Stunde in der Europäischen Union (Stand: Oktober 2013)” (in English: legal minimum wages per hour in the European Union) on the German web portal Statista.

Let´s leave aside Luxembourg, which is a very small and rich country in the Eurozone.

In the European Union we have the following minimum wages (per hour):

France is offering a minimum wage of 9,43  (13 $). Belgium offers a minimum wage of 9,1  (12,54 $). Netherlands offers a minimum wage of 9,07  (12,50 $). Ireland offers a minimum wage of 8,65  (11,92 $). The United Kingdom offers a minimum wage of 7,78  (10,73 $). The next country in this list would be Slovenia with a minimum wage of 4,43  (6,11 $).

So there is a huge gap between England and Slovenia. And Slovenia is a poorer country than England anyway, poorer of course also than the USA.

In order to make a valid comparison, let´s only consider the minimum wages of these richer northern and central countries of the European Union which have an average income that is comparable to the average income in the USA:

France9,43  (13 $)

Belgium: 9,1  (12,54 $)

Netherlands9,07  (12,50 $)

Ireland: 8,65  (11,92 $)

United Kingdom: 7,78  (10,73 $)

The proposal of Barack Obama´s administration is to raise the minimum wage in the USA to 10.10 $.

And as you can see this proposal for a higher minimum wage in the USA (10.10 $ = 7,32 ) would still be below the current minimum wage of the UK.

United Kingdom: 7,78  (in US-Dollars: 10,73 $).

So I can´t really imagine that the job market in the USA would be damaged by a raise of the minimum wage to 10.10 $ (which would be currently around 7,32 ).

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