Zum aktuellen US-Haushaltsstreit – 27

Paul Krugman hat am 6.9.2013 einen Artikel mit dem Titel “The Boehner Bunglers” in der “New York Times” veröffentlicht.

In diesem Artikel erfahren wir unter anderem: “The federal government is shut down, we’re about to hit the debt ceiling (with disastrous economic consequences), and no resolution is in sight. How did this happen?

The main answer, which only the most pathologically “balanced” reporting can deny, is the radicalization of the Republican Party. As Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein put it last year in their book, “It’s Even Worse Than It Looks,” the G.O.P. has become “an insurgent outlier — ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherited social and economic policy regime; scornful of compromise; unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.” (…).

To see what I’m talking about, consider the report in Sunday’s Times about the origins of the current crisis. Early this year, it turns out, some of the usual suspects — the Koch brothers, the political arm of the Heritage Foundation and others — plotted strategy in the wake of Republican electoral defeat. Did they talk about rethinking ideas that voters had soundly rejected? No, they talked extortion, insisting that the threat of a shutdown would induce President Obama to abandon health Reform.

This was crazy talk. After all, health reform is Mr. Obama’s signature domestic achievement. You’d have to be completely clueless to believe that he could be bullied into giving up his entire legacy by a defeated, unpopular G.O.P. — as opposed to responding, as he has, by making resistance to blackmail an issue of principle. But the possibility that their strategy might backfire doesn’t seem to have occurred to the would-be extortionists.       

Even more remarkable, in its way, was the response of House Republican leaders, who didn’t tell the activists they were being foolish. All they did was urge that the extortion attempt be made over the debt ceiling rather than a government shutdown. And as recently as last week Eric Cantor, the majority leader, was in effect assuring his colleagues that the president will, in fact, give in to blackmail. As far as anyone can tell, Republican leaders are just beginning to suspect that Mr. Obama really means what he has been saying all along”.

Der “report“, auf den Paul Krugman hier verweist, ist ein Artikel der Washington-Korrespondentin Sheryl Gay Stolberg vom 5.10.2013 mit dem Titel “A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning” in der vergangenen Sonntagsausgabe der “New York Times“.

In diesem Artikel kann man detailliert nachlesen, wie die “Hardliner” bei den Republikanern (zum großen Teil Tea-Party-Politiker) und die Tea-Party-Bewegung mitsamt den sie finanzierenden Organisationen (hinter denen nicht zuletzt vor allem auch die “Koch BrothersCharles G. Koch und David H. Koch stecken) seit Monaten den aktuellen US-Haushaltsstreit einschließlich des “government shutdowns” angedacht und angeplant haben, um Barack Obama in der Hoffnung erpressen zu können, dass er unter dem Druck dieses US-Haushaltsstreit das von ihnen verhasste Projekt Barack Obamas “Obamacare” (= Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) selbst wieder demontiert.

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