Zum aktuellen US-Haushaltsstreit – 16

Wir erfahren nun in diesem Artikel “The House GOP’s 80-20 Problem” von David Wasserman unter anderem: “A back-bencher freshman from the mountains of Western North Carolina would seem an unlikely central figure in the first government shutdown in 17 years, but the saga of freshman GOP Rep. Mark Meadows (NC-11) pretty much tells the story of this crisis in a nutshell.

Until 2012, the notoriously competitive 11th CD was represented by former pro quarterback-turned-Blue Dog Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler, who compiled a middle-of-the-road voting record and gained popularity back home for his willingness to work with Republicans. Shuler even survived the 2010 GOP wave comfortably, winning 54 percent of the vote.

But in 2011, North Carolina Republicans used their new-found legislative majority and redistricting authority to carve craft-brewing and locavore-liberal Asheville out of the 11th CD. Under the new lines, Obama’s 2008 share fell from 47 percent to 40 percent, and the seat’s Cook Partisan Voter Index (PVI) score rose from R+6 to R+13. Rather than run a race uphill both ways, Shuler retired.

Enter Meadows, a real estate investor who relocated to North Carolina from Florida in 1986 and had no prior experience in elected office. Meadows pumped $255,000 of his own money into the primary and in June 2012, promised a GOP crowd that “We’ll send [President Obama] back to Kenya, or wherever it is.” 

Meadows won the primary easily, playing up his social conservatism in ads. In the November general election, Meadows underperformed GOP nominee Mitt Romney by four points. Under the old lines, that might have given the seat to Democrats, but under the new lines Meadows prevailed with 57 percent of the vote.

How, then, did a freshman like Meadows successfully pressure Speaker John Boehner and others in the GOP leadership to pursue a risky strategy of linking keeping the government open with “defunding” health care reform by circulating a letter signed by 79 others? 

As it turns out, there are a lot more House Republicans like Meadows than there are like Boehner. Just 37 of today’s 232 House Republicans like Boehner – or 16 percent – were around for the last government shutdown in 1995-1996. 

Meanwhile, 111 House Republicans like Meadows – or 48 percent – were first elected after President George W. Bush left office, mostly by running against not only Democrats but their own party’s leadership on spending issues.

There are also a lot more signatories on Meadows’s letter – 80 – than the approximately 20 GOP members (as of the Huffington Post’s latest whip count) who have gone on the record to support a “clean” continuing resolution. And that’s why GOP leadership finds itself in a box”.

Diese Bemerkung “We’ll send him (Barack Obama) back home to Kenya or wherever it is,” hat Mark Meadows übrigens anscheinend auf einer Tea-Party-Veranstaltung im Juni 2012 tatsächlich gemacht.

Seht hierzu unter anderem die Kurzbeschreibung des politischen Profils von Mark Meadows (Mark Meadows: Winner – US-Representative NC 11), das wohl anlässlich der US-Wahlen im Jahre 2012 im “Wall Street Journal” veröffentlicht wurde.

Seht hierzu auch einen Artikel vom 26.6.2012 mit dem Titel “North Carolina: Candidate Appears to Flirt With Birtherism” in der Washingtoner Zeitung “Roll Call“.

Über die Washingtoner Zeitung “Roll Call” erfahren wir im entsprechenden Wikipedia-Artikel: “Roll Call is a newspaper published in Washington, D.C.United States, from Monday to Friday when the United States Congress is in session and on Mondays only during recess. RollCall.com, the online version of the newspaper, features breaking news stories and daily e-mail alerts and award winning photojournalism”.

In diesem Artikel vom 26.6.2012 mit dem Titel “North Carolina: Candidate Appears to Flirt With Birtherism” erfahren wir unter anderem: “GOP Congressional candidate Mark Meadows, likely to be the GOP nominee in the heavily Republican 11th district of North Carolina, appears to have flirted with birtherism on at least two occasions in recent weeks.

“2012 is the time we’re going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is,” Meadows said to applause at a June 9 tea party rally. “We’re going to do it!”

At an appearance at a tea party forum on June 12, Meadows said, “we” will send Obama “back home to Kenya or wherever it is.”

In an interview with Roll Call today, Meadows clarified his remarks. “I think it’s a non-issue,” he said. “Obviously bringing it back is probably a poor choice of words on my part more than anything else. I believe he’s an American citizen and I believe, in my district, he is going to lose overwhelmingly.”

Both are true.

Obama was born in Hawaii and is, therefore, a natural-born citizen of the United States and constitutionally eligible to be president. Obama’s father was from Kenya”.

Unter Birtherism versteht man in den USA eine Bewegung, die daran zweifelt oder bestreitet, dass Barack Obama ein in den USA geborener US-Bürger ist.

Das ist natürlich alles nur Schwachsinn. Barack Obama wurde am 4. August 1961 in HonoluluHawaii geboren. Diese Inselkette im Pazifischen Ozean ist seit 1959 (!) der 50. Bundesstaat der Vereinigten Staaten.

Barack Obamas Vater Barack Hussein Obama Senior (1936–1982), stammte aus Nyang’oma Kogelo in Kenia und gehörte der Volksgruppe der Luo an. Obamas Mutter, Stanley Ann Dunham (1942–1995), stammte aus WichitaKansas (USA) und hatte dominant britische und unter anderem wohl auch irische, schottische und deutsche Vorfahren.

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