Die USA und der drohende Sturz von der sogenannten “Fiskalklippe” – 16

Ein weiterer, vierter Artikel zum Thema des drohenden Sturzes der USA über die “Fiskalklippe” mit dem Titel “The One and Only Cause of “Fiscal Cliff” Economic Crisis: Republicans Fear Tea Party Primaries” ist am 29.12.2012 in der “Huffington Post” erschienen. Der Verfasser dieses Artikels ist Robert Creamer.

Im Klartext: Robert Creamer glaubt, dass die Politiker der Republikanischen Partei einfach Angst haben, dass sie bei den sogenannten Primary challenges den Kandidaten aus der rechten Ecke der Tea-Party-Bewegung unterliegen könnten. Und deswegen schalten sie auf stur und sind nicht verhandlungsbereit. Sie wollen von den Politikern der Tea-Party-Bewegung nicht von rechts überholt werden.

Wir erfahren in diesem Artikel mit dem Titel “The One and Only Cause of “Fiscal Cliff” Economic Crisis: Republicans Fear Tea Party Primaries“: “Often, economic crises are caused by real physical problems – like draught, war, demography, or technological innovation that robs one economy of a competitive advantage over another.

  Other times, economic crises result when asset bubbles burst, or financial markets collapse.  That was the case of the Great Depression – and more recently the Great Recession.

The economic crisis of the moment – the “fiscal cliff” – does not result from any of these factors.  In fact it is not a real “economic crisis” at all, except that it could inflict serious economic hardship on many Americans and could drive the economy back into recession.

The “fiscal cliff” is a politically manufactured crisis.  It was original concocted by the Republican Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell as a way to get past the last crisis manufactured by the Republicans – the 2011 standoff over increasing the Federal Debt Ceiling.

Theoretically, “the cliff” – composed of increased taxes and huge, indiscriminant cuts in Federal programs – would be so frightening to policy makers that no one would ever consider allowing the nation to jump.   

 Now, America is on the brink of diving off the cliff for one and only one reason: many House Republicans are terrified of primary challenges from the Tea Party right” (Fettdruck von mir!). (…).

Most normal Americans will have very little patience with Republicans as they begin to realize that GOP Members of Congress are willing to risk throwing the country back into a recession because they are worried about being beaten in low turn out primaries by people who do a better job than they do appealing to the extreme right fringe of the American electorate – and to the far Right plutocrats that are all too willing to stoke right wing passion and anger”.

Robert Creamer erläutert hier also in einer noch etwas spezifischeren und genaueren Weise, inwiefern sich diese ganze aktuelle absurde US-Haushaltskrise letztendlich der Tea-Party-Bewegung verdankt.

Ich finde übrigens, dass dieser Artikel mit dem Titel “The One and Only Cause of “Fiscal Cliff” Economic Crisis: Republicans Fear Tea Party Primaries” insgesamt ebenso klug wie klar abgefasst ist.

Wir erfahren in diesem Artikel weiterhin: “Of course the many Republicans that will never support any form of tax compromise don’t justify their position by explaining they are more concerned with primaries than they are of general elections.  In fact they generally fall back on one of three myths that are themselves utter nonsense”.

Myth #1 – You shouldn’t tax the wealthy because they are “job creators”. The plain fact is that no one invests money in any business if they do not think there are customers with money in their pockets to buy the products or services they produce.

Customers with money in their pockets are “job creators” – and the root of our current economic problems can be traced directly to the fact that everyday consumers are receiving a smaller and smaller percentage of the national economic pie and as a result have less ability to to buy the increasing number of products and services our economy can create.   In fact, wages and salaries now make up the lowest share of the nation’s gross domestic product since the government started keeping records in 1947.  And corporate profits have climbed to their highest levels since the 1960’s. (…).

Myth #2 – Our biggest problem is the federal deficit. This is just flat wrong.  It is the economic equivalent of the medieval view that you should “bleed” patients when they are sick.

 We have learned from centuries of economic history, that when an economy is recovering from a recession, the right medicine for sluggish economic demand is more fiscal stimulus – and in the short run that does not mean lower deficits.

More economic stimulus, of the type that the President proposed in the American Jobs Act over a year ago, puts money in people’s pockets who can then spend it on more products and stimulate more investment.  Austerity and reducing national debt will yield the same outcome we have recently seen in Europe – another recession.   And that is exactly what the deficit hawks are likely to get if America slides of the fiscal cliff and stays there.

Right Wing deficit hawks are fond of warning that if we don’t cut the deficit, the country could turn into Greece – or some other European country that can’t pay it’s bills.  They ignore the fact that right now U.S. Treasury Bonds are considered the safest investments in the world, and interest rates are at a record low.  They also ignore the fact that, unlike the Europeans, the American Federal Reserve can monetize the federal debt and assure that U.S. bond holders are always paid — unless, of course, the Republicans refuse to pay the debts that we owe, which would be like committing economic Hara-Kiri.

In fact, the quickest way for America to become like Europe is a precipitous reduction of the federal spending.  Ask the Brits how that worked out. (…).

Myth #3 – Government is always bad and- as Grover Norquist argues – must be shrunk so it can be drowned in a bathtub.

Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that while Republicans talk about small government, they inevitably expand it when they control the White House – mostly in the form of larger military budgets. 

 Government, as Congressman Barney Frank says, is the name we give to the things we choose to do together–and that includes many of the most important things we do in our economy.   From fire and police protection to providing free public education and health care for all, to building public infrastructure, to creating the Internet – government does a better, more efficient, more equitable job in many economic arenas than the private sector.

 To hear the Republicans talk you wouldn’t know it, but right now taxes are at their lowest levels since 1958. 

Right now in America we need more government – more education, more roads and bridges, more mass transportation, more cancer research, more health care, more nutrition programs, more drug education and treatment – not less.  More government shouldn’t mean more regulation of our freedom – it should mean that when we co-operate together we have the ability to achieve more than if everyone is left to sink or swim.  Government action is necessary to provide the foundation from which each person can individually excel”.

Tja, ich kann Robert Creamer hier in allem nur recht geben. Und auch in Deutschland ist es nicht viel anders: Wir haben hier ebenfalls die “deficit hawks” der schwarz-gelben Regierungskoalition (Kabinett Merkel II), die unter anderem dafür verantwortlich sind, dass in den PIIGS-Staaten seit geraumer Zeit eine hirnlose und desolate Austeritätspolitik durchgeführt wird.

Und natürlich werden auch bei uns seit der Ära Gerhard Schröder (1998-2005) Spitzenverdiener steuerlich begünstigt nicht zuletzt mit dem Argument, dass diese Spitzenverdiener die vermeintlichen “Leistungsträger” in unserer Gesellschaft sind. Und auch Unternehmen und Kapitalanleger werden seit der Ära Gerhard Schröder (1998-2005) vom deutschen Steuersystem bevorzugt behandelt und weit weniger zur Kasse gebeten als gewöhnliche und durchschnittliche Lohnempfänger. Darüber habe ich auch in diesem Blogartikel schon geschrieben.

Und wir haben natürlich auch in Deutschland mittlerweile eine grosse Ungleichheit in der Einkommensverteilung.

Auch bei uns ist es nicht viel anders als in den USA, in mancher Hinsicht ist es in Deutschland sogar schlimmer als in den USA. Denn Barack Obama und die Demokratische Partei, die zur Zeit in den USA regieren, sind keine “deficit hawks” und sind wirtschaftspolitisch wesentlich kompetenter, flexibler und weit weniger neoliberal ausgerichtet als die aktuellen deutschen Politiker aus dem Kabinett Merkel II.

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