Other Essays of Me on German Literature and Philosophy

I have written some other essays on different topics of german literature and philosophy. I want to offer them also to the readers of my blog.

1.) An essay on Karl Philipp Moritz (1756-1793) who wrote the famous autobiographical novel “Anton Reiser” (1785-1790). This novel is considered today as one of the first modern psychological novels in german literature. The essay is written in German.

Bibliographical reference:

Gauger, Klaus, Karl Philipp Moritz als Sprecher des „Vierten Standes“: Sozialgeschichtliche und sozialpsychologische Aspekte des Anton Reiser in: Revista de Filología Alemana, num. 12, 2004. p. 33-50

Aufsatz Karl Philipp Moritz “Anton Reiser” (1785-1790)

2.) An essay on the cult of Nietzsche from 1890 – 1945 in Germany. This essay is written in Spanish. I published it in a spanish journal dedicated to Nietzsche.

Bibliographical reference:

Gauger, Klaus, el culto a Nietzsche en Alemania, in: Estudios Nietzsche, num. 7, 2007, p. 123- 143

Aufsatz “El culto a Nietzsche en Alemania”

3.) An essay about the book “Bartolomé de las Casas vor Karl V.” (1938) from the german writer Reinhold Schneider (1903-1958). Reinhold Schneider lived in my hometown Freiburg. I wrote this essay in Spanish and it was published in the spanish journal “Nueva Revista” (http://nuevarevista.net/)

Bibliographical reference:

Gauger, Klaus, un libro de resistencia al nazismo, Las Casas contra Hitler, in: Nueva Revista de Política, Cultura y Arte, num. 88, julio-agosto 2003, p. 26-38

Aufsatz Reinhold Schneider “Las Casas ante Carlos V.”

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