Teaching a Lesson in Purification

Some people wanted to “purify me”. People with a lot of money. Well, those people should maybe first purify themselves. Who is into some crooked business and only interested in making some dirty money, cannot be very pure. And I´m still the same. Nothing has changed because of some expensive “monkey business”. And I´m having a good time in Spain and I will go on with my blog work. And those people who want from me some katharsis: Well, they should first clean their own greedy and dirty hands. And what they did costed a incredible lot of money. I have seen it. The whole scheme was based on a Trojan that was downloaded on my PC. Now: Do they have the money to do the same trick again? The virus was not expensive.

But how many schoolgirls did they have to pay trying to prove this ridiculous theory that I´m a rapist and child abuser? And this was obviously bullshit: A man that has relationships to grown up women for over 30 years now and was always clearly heterosexual a rapist and child abuser? So this accusation was ridiculous and a lot of underaged girls and schoolgirls made good money for trying to prove something that was a bullshit-theory from the very first moment. And how many T-Shirts did the pay with some bullshit city names on it though it is clear that I won´t leave Madrid until I get what I want?

In the end even these people we are talking here about will be broke. Because they did all this only for financial interests. And when the costs get to high, they will give up. For me all this was some funny game. And nothing has changed. And I will live from now on in Spain, in Madrid. I won´t go back to Germany. I will go back there when those people offer me a decent solution for a certain systemic problem I have. If not, the old game just goes on.

And all this monkey business was just some waste of money. And I have won. They have spent an incredible amount of money to hoax and fool me. Millions of euros. And what have they achieved? Nothing. I don´t even know why they did this crap. But in the end I care a fuck. Some monkey business? Some false accusations? That sure won´t stop me. I will go on making my blog work. And I care a fuck about those losers. If they spend so much money on fooling and discrediting me, my blog and my person must be important.

So thanks for telling me that by organizing senseless hoaxes and paying some much people here in Madrid for some bullshit I don´t even take seriously.

A certain chief psychiatrist in Freiburg had always the tactic to give me the feeling that I´m nothing. Oh yeah, spending millions of euros on some nothing? So thanks for telling me that I´m important. And I will go on with what I´m doing.

And if Big Pharma will always be willing to pay for such expensive strategies. I don´t know. All this is just some monkey business. If some crooked industries have money for such a crap: Why not? But it won´t impress me and I care a fuck about such dumbass-strategies.

And now: All my fans should ask themselves why the chief psychiatrist don´t want to help me. Well, all this was paid by Big Pharma, isn´t it? I have been taking certain medications (atypical neuroleptics) for 20 years that are extremely damaging. They don´t want a well known blogger to survive with a body that has been damaged massively by those psychiatric medications. And then we have some neoliberal politicians who cooperate for political and economic reasons too. But the bill is paid by Big Pharma. Those pharma bosses will know why. Ask them why they spend so much money for blocking and fooling somebody that just would need a talk with some psychotherapist. It´s all about money. And those people want to purify me: Ridiculous enough, don´t you think so?

And for me this whole journey since november 2013 was a big step forward. If you live in a provincial German town surrounded by people that tell you that are some nothing and after half a year you understand that your enemies spent millions of euros on some monkey business and senseless strategies to fool and discredit you: Don´t you think that this is a victory? And now I have my own apartment here in Spain. And I don´t want to live in Freiburg anymore surrounded by the people who were the responsables for the misery I have been living in for 20 years. If a German is treated by Germans that way, to be a German is worth a shit. So I had good reasons to leave Freiburg. And as you sure noticed, I´m mainly writing in English now. Guess why. I already gave up Germany months ago. I will always be a German in my heart. But I will forget about neoliberal Germany and the current crooked leaders we have in my home country. My future is not in Germany.

And now some crooked pharma industries, some redneck chief psychiatrists and some stupid German neoliberal politicians believe that their job should be to “purify” a person who just had bad luck in life and was abused by the psychiatrists in his hometown. And what they did was not even really clever: If you have millions to spend you can buy hundreds of monkeys and make some big monkey business. So what? Is this really clever? No. It only proves that those industries have an incredible amount of money to spent on some bullshit while in Africa people are living on less than a dollar a day.

And my enemies wanted to prove with this monkey business that I´m not able to see the reality. Well, everybody can log in my brain and the upper hierarchies can steer some monkey business around me. But if I analyze books and texts, also in the internet: Well, that´s no monkey business. And that´s what I have learned. And if a lot of monkeys are willing to be part of a big monkey business, so what? Yeah, systemically this is possible. It only proves that those people who pay for that have a lot of money. Nothing else. Because every monkey wants some peanuts or some banana for participating in such a monkey business.

And I also know that Big Pharma is paying for all this. Certain German neoliberal politicians want the German public to believe that they have an important role in all this. Not at all. Only Big Pharma can pay for such an expensive monkey-business. Without the money of Big Pharma, such a megahoax like I have seen here in Madrid could not be organized and financed.

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